The Copening Family!

This morning about 10:25, I hopped in the car and headed out for a family session. Exactly 3 minutes later I arrived at the Copenings! I love it when my commute is short! Brian and Jennifer have lived down the road from us for a while now, but we had no clue until we took the kids out to trick-or-treat on Halloween and stumbled upon them! How nice it is to have friends in the neighborhood!

We had planned for me to arrive while Evan was still sleeping and it gave me the chance to spend some time with Emma! She is truly a little princess! Look how gorgeous she is!


Emma and Mommy spent some time reading on the bed!

Who can resist a princess story!


She is a natural in front of the camera! So sweet!


Evan soon woke up! I think he wanted to play too!


We headed downstairs for some family time on the couch.


Look at this face!


I love the look of mischief on his face as he heads toward my camera!

(I can't believe I spelled -mischief- right on my first try!!!)


Lunch was next on the agenda!

Emma made her own sandwich and then enjoyed every bite!


Evan enjoyed his as well!


Outside, Emma showed me the strawberries she and Daddy are growing.


Back inside Evan finished his bottle and snuggled with Mommy!


Thank you so much Jennifer and Brian, for letting me spend the morning with your family! They are so very sweet! I will see you soon!

******Enjoy your slideshow ******

Blessings, Lori