In & Out!

We are back from Disney, have been for a few days! It was so much fun and we really enjoyed ourselves! However, taking 4 kids to a major theme park, on the week of spring break and a holiday is a lot of work!!! We completely forgot about St. Patrick's Day but most people didn't! Monday was crazy crowded as the park was open late and had special events! We each grabbed 2 kids, held of for dear life and were very thankful that we had decided to leave the smaller ones at home!


I'll have more pictures later but now I must head out again! I'm my way to attend the Rockstar Roadtrip Workshop!

I'm so excited to be inspired, get some new ideas and make some new friends!


Keep checking back for some exciting new things! It's spring, time to be outside in the sun and the flowers! Perfect time for pictures! Call me soon if you would like to book a session as this time of the year fills up fast!