Virginia Women's Show

*** I apparently wrote this post sometime last week and then forgot to put it up!  Sometimes I don't know where my brain is!***  This past weekend I was excited to participate in the Virginia Women's Show!  It meant a lot of preparation in a very short amount of time, but with the help of my wonderful friend Lisa, we pulled it off.  In the rush and chaos, I completely forgot the camera!!!  I am kicking myself!  I wanted to share my booth but also wanted to document the process so I would know what to change or keep the same the next time!  Oh well!  

It was a great day with lots of women and lots of things that interest women!  With around 4,000 women over the course of the day, we were busy!  Lisa and I looked at our watches about 2:30 and were amazed that the day had just flown by! 

I am excited to say that I have a winner for the free album contest!  I mixed up the bowl good and then had my husband draw the name!  I can't announce it yet as I must get in touch with them first, but when I do, I'll make another post!  I can't wait to do the session and then design the album!  I love doing albums!  I need to get some pictures of the albums I have done up here for all to see!  They are really amazing and a very different way to display your pictures! 

 That's all for now, keep looking back for a wonderful session from just after Christmas with a family that came together over the holidays for the first time in over 10 years!  It was a joy!