Seniors are awesome!

So maybe they aren't seniors yet, but they are well on their way! I had a great time hanging out with Alison, Wes and Kayla on a very windy Saturday! They were troopers, braving the wind and the cold and the hunger! We played around downtown Salem for a couple of hours and even wandered onto Roanoke College campus! Being a model is hard work and causes one to become extremely hungry! To remedy this, we hit up Macado's for some great barbecue! (Thanks for the suggestion Alison, it was wonderful!)

These beautiful young people are my new Senior reps for the Salem area! If you know one of them and like what you see here, make sure you grab one of their cards! They earn free stuff for clients they send my way and you can get a free sheet of wallets when you present their card! (Only one card per client please!!)

If you are an up and coming Senior at any school other than Salem, you could be a rep at your school! Senior reps get a discount on their session, cool stuff for referrals, and really neat cards to hand out! I am looking for kids who are fun, outgoing and ready to take some awesome images! I only take a limited amount of reps per school so jump on it! Shoot me an email at!

In the meantime, here are the images

and the slideshow!