All together for the holidays!

I come from a "somewhat" large family!  I say somewhat because I have six and *that's* large!!!  I am the oldest of 4.  You can scroll down to see all of my family!  Out of all my siblings, so far I'm the only one married with kids!  (Sometimes I envy my sisters single life!!!)  Just after Christmas (yes Christmas, I'm getting caught up!) , I had the chance to see the future for my family!  Ms. Hendrickson contacted me to say that all of 4 children as well as her 8 grand-kids were going to be in town for the holiday.  Since this was such a momentous occasion, I knew I had to document this family!  It was so much fun!!!  Despite being a little chilly, the kids did great and the parents enjoyed themselves as well! 

Look how beautiful these kids are!

We did each small family unit....

.... and then the whole gang!

The wise leaders of the clan!!!

We headed over to Roanoke College campus for a different setting.  The kids did great!  You would never know they were being bribed with M&M's!!!

Fun grown-up picture!

We played on the campus for a little while and then tried for a picture of Grandma with all her kiddos!  I am convinced they decided to wage a war against us!  They were cold and tired and hungry and were not going to sit for anything, not even M&M's this time!!!!  We are missing one because there was a mishap and we did have a case of the bloody lip!  This image makes me laugh because if all the chaos surrounding it!

Since kids were just done we decided to head back to Grandma's for snacks and book reading! 

After a good book, it was time for a good movie.  "Peter Pan" to be exact!  Obviously it was enthralling!  Check out the slideshow for the cool popcorn containers as well as many other images from the session!

Thank you Jennifer and all your family for allowing me to capture this window into your life!  I know your time together is precious and that you will always treasure these memories!  Many blessings!