The Dalton Gang!

My family has not had any good pictures in ages!  Like more than 10 years!  Granted, when I got married and moved away, all my siblings quickly followed.  That just made it harder than ever!  This year, however, everyone came in for the holidays and we decided to remedy the situation!  We loaded up, headed down to the nearby elementary school and had some fun!  It was a little chilly but we managed to get some great shots! My sister Molly

I bought her this scarf for Christmas because it's just the color of her eyes! 

I love this one!

My other sister Amy

Amy is almost always laughing!

"Little" brother Marc!

Lookin' all handsome!

I even snagged a few of Mom!

Molly's boyfriend Mike joined us for the holiday and I got to play with just the 2 of them!

Finally, the whole gang!  Do you know how hard it is to be in the picture and not taking it!  It's hard to communicate what you want to someone who doesn't think the same way!  Jeryl did a really good job, both with the picture and putting up with me barking orders while trying to look like I was having a good time! 

Miss you guys already!  ***Here's the slideshow!***  Happy New Year!