Another beautiful family!

Honestly, I have been blessed with some of the best looking and most amazing families!  I am honored to have the opportunity to photograph so many fun and loving people!  It's really a joy!  The Goldsmith family is no exception!  They are an outdoor, athletic kind of family so we tried to incorporate as much of that as we could!  I started off with some fun stuff!  See if you can picture what they look like from this image!

Now see how gorgeous they are!

Soccer is a favorite sport for these kids.  I don't know who likes it more, Gretchen or Grant!

So fun!

These kids are absolutely beautiful!



Sean and Tammy own a significant portion of land beside their house that includes a view that leaves you feeling on top of the world.  They take the kids camping up here because it feels like they  are far removed from reality and yet they are in their back yard!  The clouds were incredible and the view amazing, don't you think!

Thank you Sean, Tammy, Gretchen and Grant for allowing me to spend the afternoon with your family!  I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I will see you again soon! 

***Enjoy your slideshow!***