Those Crazy Kids!

I had so much fun spending time with the Cox family last Sunday afternoon!  These kids are so full of life and imagination and laughter!  I love it!  They are never without a smile or a funny face!  They are beautiful as well! Meet Anna......


....and Charlie!

Dad raked a leaf pile for us and we told the girls to hold Charlie's hand and run into the pile!  This had us laughing so hard!!!  Charlie could barely keep up but loved every minute!

I'm not sure which was more fun, jumping in the leaves or throwing them in the air!

Very quick moment of stillness!!!!

Apparently something was VERY funny!

What a handsome boy!

Thanks Sam and Erin for letting me capture your gorgeous children!  I had a really good time!  You are very blessed!  ***Enjoy your slideshow*** and I will see you soon!