It was a cold and windy day.....

.....for an outdoor session!  Seriously!  Like 40 degrees cold!  The first really cold day we have had this year!  It was COLD!  Despite the cold, we had a great time!  These kids were troopers and they really know how to work the camera!  Every time I would point the lens at them they would act like they were fine!  The sun was shining and the lighting was great but did I mention it was COLD!!!! 

Of course, when you are this gorgeous, you could take a great picture anytime, anywhere!  Even in the cold!  Look at these beautiful children!

 Miss Amazing Eyes!

Formula for a great picture -

1.  Take one incredibly handsome young man

2.  Place on stool in alleyway

3.  Take picture


I told her to watch my lens "wink" at her!  Worked like a charm!

Now you see where these kids get their looks!  Mom and Dad lookin' pretty good!

I know these kids really love each other, however, I do think that keeping warm was the main motivator in this image!  Again, it was COLD!

Some family fun!

The promise of hot chocolate helped us finish the outside pictures.  We headed inside to Mill Mountain to warm up!

It was sooooooo goooood!!!!

After some serious car discussions........ class.......

........and a little show and tell of the fingernails........

......we gave some big hugs and said goodbye!

Thank you guys so much!  You were so great to work with!  Here's your sneak peak, and I will see you soon!