3 kids and a sheep!

Amy and I met a few months ago.  She and Stacey are good friends!  We had a little bit of a hard time working out our schedules but when we did, I was so excited with Amy's idea!  She knew of a friend who ran a sheep farm and her church let her borrow costumes!  It turned out to be an amazing day and the pictures were so worth all the trouble!  It's a little out of order, but here's my favorite image of the day!  I think it's Christmas Card worthy, don't you!

We actually started out with family pictures!  What a handsome family!

These kids were pros!  Mom loves pictures so they have had lots of practice!

I had so much fun!  They really enjoyed each other and had a great time being silly together!  I love it when kids actually enjoy themselves!

These are some seriously gorgous kids!

Of course when Mom and Dad are this good looking, you expect beautiful kids!

This was the scenery as we left the farm!  It seemed like heaven on earth!

Jeff and Amy thank you so much for allowing me to spend time with your wonderful family!  I had a great time and I will see you soon! ***Enjoy your slideshow!***