Keeping up with the Joneses!

I was so excited to have a session with Steve, Tess, and their kids last week!  They just moved into their amazing house over the summer and decided it was time to get family photographs.  What a rainy day!  It poured all day long.  We worked mostly indoors.  The techniques I learned at a recent workshop worked great!  Their house is a photographer's heaven!   It is beautiful!  The colors, hardwood floors, and furniture amazed me!  Tess is a talented decorator!   

With a little coaxing and a treat we were able to get Buster (who hates pictures!) to look at the camera!

The kids and I spent some time having fun in their rooms!  Look at those eyes!

Both have really cool lights! 

Amazingly, the rain stopped for just a little bit and we headed outside to have some fun!

Then it started pouring again so we went back inside for pictures of the kids with their instruments.  I love the dramatic lighting!

Mom and Dad lookin' pretty good!!!

You guys are so much fun!  Thanks for letting me spend the evening with you!  Here's your slideshow.  Hope you enjoy!  (Can you tell they are VT fans!!!)