Somebody had a birthday!

Can you guess how old she is?!!!

Elizabeth wanted a Beauty & the Beast cake.  I think I did pretty good considering I put it together in about 1 hour!  Thank goodness Grandma & Grandad found the little figures!

We gave her a new game for her gameboy.  She loves it!

As is tradition in our house, when each kid turns 6, Grandma & Grandad only give money as a present and then take them out for a shopping day!  They really love it and it gives them a time to have some one-on-one with their grandparents.  When they came home from Elizabeth's trip, she only had one bag.  I thought this was unusual as they normally come home with bags full of new stuff!  In true Elizabeth form, she found the one thing she wanted and didn't want anything else.  It took all her money, but she didn't care!  After all every girl needs a Barbie Guitar, right!

Happy Birthday big girl!  I love you!