Brandon & Christy are married!

August 18th was a beautiful day to get married and that's just what Brandon & Christy did!  Their wedding was a lot of fun, they were very much in love, and their little girl was just adorable!  The handsome groom

The beautiful bride!

The girls and the guys

The finishing touches!

Showing a little sass!!!

Brandon listened intently to the marriage advice his mother gave him.  You can see the respect for her in his eyes!

Brandon was very affectionate toward Christy the entire day!  He was always kissing her hand or stroking her cheek.  You can tell her loves her very much!

He even gently smeared a blob of icing on her nose!

Their 4 year old daughter, Sophie, was so cute!  I think she looks just like Christy!  I asked her to sit still for just a minute and she replied "I don't do that!"!!!

You guys are going to have your hands full!  Just look at this gorgous girl!



Thank you guys for letting me be a part of your beautiful day!  Many blessings, and enjoy your slideshow!