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2014 Portrait Highlights Roanoke VA Photographer | Roanoke VA Portrait Photographer

I didn’t start my year intending to take off the entire month of January, but I’m kind of glad it worked out that way!  I needed the rest.  I’ve always known that the first of the year is hard for me creatively.  Fall is usually crazy busy and I push so hard to finish everything.  Combine that with the amazing beauty that is fall in the Roanoke Valley and I use up almost every ounce of my creative juices by the end of the year!!  So once Christmas is over and the pretty lights are gone, the fall leaves have all fallen, and it’s time to slow down, I usually feel myself crash.  It’s a time of rest.  There are behind the scenes pieces that need to be taken care of and I make sure to take pictures of my kids on a fairly regular basis, but the constant flow of making something new and different is on pause.  I’m learning this is ok and needed!  So maybe the month of January will become somewhat of a vacation month in the future.  We’ll just have to see;)

In this down time, I have had the chance to review my work from last year, and wanted to share some of my very favorite portraits of 2014!  I worked with so many beautiful families and seniors!!  Some of them I’ve already blogged, but many of the families I didn’t share because of time constraints and gifts;)  Enjoy some of my favorite images!!

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Jess & Ben | Married Roanoke VA Elopement Photography | Classy Elopement on New Year's Eve in Downtown Roanoke

Sometimes you don’t need all the fuss.  All the planning and stress and $$$!!  Sometimes you just want to get married to your best friend.  Sometimes you just do it;)  Jess & Ben decided last-minute that New Year’s Eve would be a great day to get married, and they were right!!  The sun was shining, Downtown Roanoke was quite empty – Market Street was cleared for the evenings festivities – that never happens!!  You can’t tell from the photos, but it was freezing!!  Jess was such a trooper in her cute dress and those blue suede shoes;)  I met them at the courthouse just after their ceremony and we spent about an hour capturing such a special day!!  I loved how well they fit together;)  Some of my favorites below!!2015-01-02_00012015-01-02_00022015-01-02_00032015-01-02_00042015-01-02_00052015-01-02_00062015-01-02_00072015-01-02_00082015-01-02_00092015-01-02_00102015-01-02_00112015-01-02_00122015-01-02_00132015-01-02_00142015-01-02_00152015-01-02_00162015-01-02_00202015-01-02_00172015-01-02_00182015-01-02_00192015-01-02_00212015-01-02_00222015-01-02_00232015-01-02_00242015-01-02_00252015-01-02_00262015-01-02_00272015-01-02_00282015-01-02_00292015-01-02_00302015-01-02_00312015-01-02_00322015-01-02_00332015-01-02_00342015-01-02_00352015-01-02_00362015-01-02_00372015-01-02_00382015-01-02_00392015-01-02_00402015-01-02_00412015-01-02_00422015-01-02_0043

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January 6, 2015 - 10:11 pm

Teresa - This are breathing
Ben and Jess

Hannah & Ben | Engaged A Downtown Roanoke Engagement Session | Roanoke VA Wedding Photographer

Back to Downtown Roanoke for another engagement session and this one was so much fun!!  Hannah had loved the idea of a late evening, romantic session that showcased the Christmas lights and the city;)  I think we achieved just that!!  I loved spending time with Hannah & Ben and I can’t wait for their wedding in March;)  Some of my favorites – Enjoy!2014-12-29_00012014-12-29_00022014-12-29_00032014-12-29_00042014-12-29_00052014-12-29_00062014-12-29_00072014-12-29_00082014-12-29_00092014-12-29_00102014-12-29_00112014-12-29_00122014-12-29_00132014-12-29_00142014-12-29_00152014-12-29_00162014-12-29_00172014-12-29_00182014-12-29_00192014-12-29_00202014-12-29_00212014-12-29_00222014-12-29_00232014-12-29_00242014-12-29_00252014-12-29_00262014-12-29_00272014-12-29_00282014-12-29_00292014-12-29_00302014-12-29_00312014-12-29_00322014-12-29_00332014-12-29_00342014-12-29_00352014-12-29_00362014-12-29_00372014-12-29_00382014-12-29_00392014-12-29_00402014-12-29_00412014-12-29_0042

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Jayme & Mike | Engaged Roanoke VA Wedding Photographer | Downtown Roanoke Engagement Session

I’ve done quite a few sessions in Downtown Roanoke this fall, and I love the challenge of seeing with new eyes!  I love our little city and it seems every time I find something new or different.  Jayme is from Roanoke but now lives in Atlanta and I love that she wanted their engagement session in her hometown;)  It was such a beautiful late fall day and we hit the lighting just right from some really pretty sun!  I love how these two make each other laugh!  Enjoy some of my favorites!!2014-12-18_00012014-12-18_00022014-12-18_00032014-12-18_00042014-12-18_00052014-12-18_00062014-12-18_00072014-12-18_00082014-12-18_00092014-12-18_00102014-12-18_00112014-12-18_00122014-12-18_00132014-12-18_00142014-12-18_00152014-12-18_00162014-12-18_00172014-12-18_00182014-12-18_00192014-12-18_00202014-12-18_00212014-12-18_00222014-12-18_00232014-12-18_00242014-12-18_00252014-12-18_00262014-12-18_00272014-12-18_00282014-12-18_00292014-12-18_00302014-12-18_00312014-12-18_00322014-12-18_00332014-12-18_00342014-12-18_00352014-12-18_00362014-12-18_00372014-12-18_00382014-12-18_00392014-12-18_00402014-12-18_00412014-12-18_0042

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Whitney & Juston | Engaged Roanoke VA Wedding Photographer | Mill Mountain Engagement Session

This fall was one of my busiest seasons yet!  I’ve been so blessed to have wonderful clients who are a dream to work with, and who’ve been super patient to receive their photos!!  I’m excited to share another one of my 2015 clients!!  Whitney and Juston are so perfect together;)  Their love and respect is beautiful to watch and I love how much they laugh together!!  We had a cold but beautiful day for their session and I’m so happy they chose me for their big day!  We headed up to Mill Mountain where Juston proposed, and then to Downtown where the leaves were perfect!  Enjoy some of my favorites;)2014-12-15_00012014-12-15_00022014-12-15_00032014-12-15_00042014-12-15_00052014-12-15_00062014-12-15_00072014-12-15_00082014-12-15_00092014-12-15_00102014-12-15_00112014-12-15_00122014-12-15_00132014-12-15_00142014-12-15_00152014-12-15_00162014-12-15_00172014-12-15_00182014-12-15_00192014-12-15_00202014-12-15_00212014-12-15_00222014-12-15_00232014-12-15_00242014-12-15_00252014-12-15_00262014-12-15_00272014-12-15_00282014-12-15_00292014-12-15_00302014-12-15_00312014-12-15_00322014-12-15_00332014-12-15_00342014-12-15_00352014-12-15_00362014-12-15_00372014-12-15_00382014-12-15_00392014-12-15_00402014-12-15_00412014-12-15_00422014-12-15_00432014-12-15_00442014-12-15_00462014-12-15_00472014-12-15_00482014-12-15_00492014-12-15_00502014-12-15_00512014-12-15_00522014-12-15_00532014-12-15_00542014-12-15_0055

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